Personal tutor

Things have changed since I got married. I left my career previously in the big city to submit myself to the world of marriage in a remote island far away from families and friends. But Allah’s plans are the best. Despite being in the utmost rural place, I have nothing to kvetch when the reality is I’m just happy.

When I first came to the island with Mr. Hubs, we did discussed on what I can do to fulfil my spare time. From opening a business to being a volunteer at an Islamic centre, we have thoroughly considered all the options with the pros and cons.


Mr. Hubs gave me the free rein to choose whichever I want to do as long as it’s beneficial to me in terms of knowledge, time and the future. Wow, the future! He’s a prudent man, so he thinks what’s best for the family a lot. Honestly, I think he’s the salt of the earth! (grin)


One day, his colleague asked if I could be a personal tutor to his children. Living in a place like this, there are not many choices for the students to opt for tuition class outside the school. After a long thought, I’ve decided to give it a try. Ahhhh… I don’t think it’s going to be so hard, isn’t it? (double grin)


You know who was the most sceptical about the idea of being a personal tutor a.k.a TEACHER? Definitely it was my mom! She said I’m garang and I was very garang when I taught my brothers their homework when we were in school. Well, I guess teachers must have that quality too so that the students would once in awhile BEHAVE.


Many months have passed, and I’m having a whale of time educating the students here. Believe it or not, my number of students has increased and my so – called ‘spare time’ is definitely occupied. Moreover, I am tutoring a slow leaner student with the capability to understand things at the surface and at a very slow pace. It’s a challenge for me as it tests my patience in being a teacher. Truthfully, I’ve never thought that I would be a teacher one day. But yet again, Allah has planned this to be part of my journey in this world and I’m truly happy to experience it. I’ve learned so many good things from teaching and inshaAllah, may it be something I can apply in my future undertakings.


Anyone here is a teacher by all means?


Writer’s Corner at

Alhamdulillah for the opportunity given by allowing me to write some posts for their new da’wah project, WRITER’S CORNER. It’s a platform where Muslims & Muslimahs share their thoughts and experiences about Islam, online.


My first article for is called Where is Allah? It’s a simple article yet something to be carefully understood by all Muslims. I’ll share the article here too, InshaAllah.


I’m sure most of you have heard of before. I’ve shared a post on a book I bought from the website, The Sealed Nectar. Zaahara is an online Islamic Shopping Mall where you can purchase Islamic books for adults and children, Sunnah food like habbatus sauda and sidr honey, DVDs, Islamic art like canvas art, etc. Do check out their products at It’s very easy shopping when you just click and they deliver your items to your doorsteps!

Missing ‘you’ already



I sacrificed my weekend when I was supposed to go back to hometown and visit family, just for Twins of Faith. Syukran Ya Allah, it was one of the good sacrifices I made when the rewards were astonishingly blissful.

There’s one saying goes like this, “When you want to do good, good people will come near you and vice versa.” I intended to join this event for such a long time. Since then, I prayed to God that I will be surrounded by good people and I really wanna be their friends. Like what Wardina Safiyyah said, “Ini perjumpaan orang baik-baik.” (This is an event for good people). So you can meet all the baik – baik people there. *Wink*

Alhamdulillah, Allah has made it easier for me to attend the event. I was introduced to a lovely girl named Alia by my best friend, Aliaa. Okay, both of them are Alia and Aliaa. Don’t get confuse people! Just focus on the spelling okay. Alia is a friend of Aliaa who studied in Melbourne before this. She came back for good and both of us riang ria bersama-sama carpooling to Twins of Faith. Another friend of mine, Janna, promised to meet me at PICC straight.

Oh yeah, if you’re still wondering, what the event is all about, please check here.
I couldn’t really describe the feeling when I was there. The talks, the workshops, the people, priceless man…priceless! There were few times I had teary-eyed by listening to all the beautiful talks from those international and local speakers. MashaAllah. (I got teary-eye now too just by writing this.)

When I saw families with little kids came to the event, it made wondered, I must bring my (future) husband and (future) kids too. InshaAllah. It’s good to expose the young ones to this kinda family event.

Herm, but I’ve missed the Marriage Facilitation Ceremony although I managed to join the Marriage Corner workshop. It was full (for ladies)! Sah, ramai ladies still single…hahaha. But men can still sign up at the day of the event. Lucky you, men! Herm, I thought I’m gonna meet ‘him’ there, takpelah inshaAllah, everything is in God’s will. I believe in that.

Anyways, there were so much knowledge I want to share with you but I might do it in another posts. That’s all for now folks. Barakallahu fikum.


My mind is flooded with memories of Twins of Faith Malaysia which was held last weekend. I don’t know how long this sickness will last, but I love it and have no intention to find the cure. I’m so blessed. Blessed with what Allah has given to me.



Kids Zone

Mother’s room


inside the main hall. Muslim Bilal was on stage! i like!!