It’s all about your image

Alhamdulillah for a great weekend I had last week. Seminar Pengurusan Imej Remaja Muslimah dekat Masjid USJ2 sangat best! It was a last minute thingy. I thought, why not getting up early for a good course. So since I memang suka bangun pagi, the seminar in the morning tu tak jadi hal, Alhamdulillah.

The seminar was a half day event organized by Masjid Al Mukminun USJ2, I had to pay RM10 to participate, good for the money though. There were 3 speakers altogether; Ustazah Badariah, Wardina Safiyyah and Farra Bagaikan Puteri.


There are a few things that I would like to share with you:

  1. Ustazah Badariah saran amalkan doa Nabi Daud A.S to gain love from others who love Allah SWT:

Allahumma inni as’aluka hubbaka, wa hubba man yuhibbuka, wal-`amal alladhi yuballighuni hubbaka. Allahumm-aj`al hubbaka ahabba ilayya min nafsi, wa ahli, wa minal-ma’il-baridi
(O Allah! I ask You for Your Love, the love of those who love You, and deeds which will cause me to attain Your Love. O Allah! Make Your Love dearer to me than myself, my family and the cold water).”

[At-Tirmidhi, 3501]


  1. Always think of positive image of yourself so that others can feel the same way about you. It’s the law of attraction! Tadaaa…. This is what The Secret taught me too. So, you know what to do right?
  2. Learn about inspired icons or idols whose portray good images. Ustazah Badariah mentioned names like Basheer Othman and Melanie Georgiades. Do you know who they are? Basheer Othaman is the youngest mayor in the world. She’s only 15 and now runs one of the cities in Palestine. Isn’t she’s great? Whilst Melanie Georglades was a French rapper who reverted to Islam and made an inspiring comment about wearing hijab. Do google about them, peeps!



Above all, you are what you think of! So be smart on what you want the rest of the people to think about you. Sit down and take some time to analyze yourselves. Your good image starts from inside your heart.


A Moment to Remember

It was one of the memorable nights I had with my two lovely girls, plus I brought along my mom and aunt to join me at ‘A Moment to Remember with Wardina Safiyyah and Oki Setiana Dewi last week.
I’ve met Wardina and her kids at lift lobby before the event, she’s beautiful as always, yet humble and cool!
I never knew Oki’s story on her way back to Islam before. It was truly amazing how she was so determined to be an actress till she became popular in ‘Ketika Cinta Bertasbih’, an Indonesian Islamic film. Great person to look up to!
Meanwhile, Wardina was on stage to elaborate on a documentary video showing how Israelis can overcome their weaknesses and turned them all to a successful nation.
The film called Inside Israel hosted by former Harvard lecturer Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, examines the core character strengths that have enabled Israelis to overcome challenges and turn a barren desert into a flourishing nation.
We need to change our perception on taking things for granted. Let me know what you think of the videos.
Actualizer 1: Family
Actualizer 4: Education
Actualizer 5: Taking Action

Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia – wajib pergi!

Alhamdulillah, setelah Twins of Faith berakhir, K-fiqh pulak dah diadakan, kini tibalah masanya wanita – wanita Islam diberi penghormatan untuk menganjurkan satu konvensyen khas untuk wanita iaitu Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia anjuran iluvislam.
Saya sangat teruja dengan konvensyen sampai nearly pay the fee, ooooppps, lupa yang tarikh 24 & 25 Mac 2012 tu clash dengan my best friends’ wedding di Penang. Tapi takpe, ade hikmah di sebalik semua ni. Tapi saya sarankan, those yang baca entry ni, please please please attend the convention! Rugi sangat kalau tak attend sebab ade ramai tokoh – tokoh wanita yang hebat – hebat belaka, okay!
Mereka adalah:
1.Prof. Dr. Muhaya Mohamad

2.Prof. Madya Dr. Syarifah Hayati Syed Ismail Bistari

3.Dato’ Siti Nor Bahiyah Mahmood

4.Prof. Madya Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj

5.Dr. Niki Shuhada Shukor

6.Ummi Roses Raudhatul Sakinah (Rosmawati Zainal)

7.Datin Zaleha Omar

8.Dr. Rubiah Hamzah

9.Wardina Safiyyah Fadlullah Wilmot

10.Catriona Norhayati Ross Bahrin

11.Nora (Wan Norafizah Ariffin)

12.Irma Hasmie Ibrahim

13.Ustazah Amie Sofie Ahmad (Juara Solehah)

14.Ustazah Firus Akhtar Mohamad Bokhari (Juara Usatzah Pilihan)

15.Fatimah Syarha Mohd Noordin (Pengarang Novel Islamik Terkenal)

16.Puan Jamilah Samian (Pengarah PArenting Terkenal)

17.Datin Yusmira Mohd Yusof (Pengasas Yusmira)

18.Puan Rozita Ibrahim (Pengasas Sendayu Tinggi)

19.Dato’ Azlina Hj Che Abdullah (Pengasas DCL)

Yuran pendaftaran sangatlah murah – RM100 (tanpa makanan) untuk pendaftaran sehingga 29 Februari 2012 dan RM 350 (dengan makanan). Lebih kurang harga Twins of Faith okay! Dua hari pulak tu!!! Tempat pulak kat PICC, Putrajaya. Dan untuk ibu – ibu yang ada anak2 kecil, boleh hantar kat pusat penjagaan yang disediakan dengan bayaran RM10/anak. Senang kan!
Kalau anda semua nak tau lebih lanjut pasal konvensyen ni, sila lawati website Konvensyen Bidadari Dunia. Saya harap anda semua akan dapat manfaat daripada konvensyen ni okay. And do share the knowledge with me too (since I’m not going)! Love you!

Open Circle with Wardina Safiyyah

I had a problem with Islam because all the ustazah, everybody I meet, yang macam Islamic – tends to judge you, tends to talk about haram-haram-haram, semua dosa-dosa-dosa, azab neraka; yes we understand that but to me we must spread peace first. Like the Prophet said, when you go out, don’t talk about the nasty things. Islam is more than just facts and knowledge and solat -Wardina Safiyyah


MasyaAllah, how true isn’t it on what Wardina said. All her words are still fresh in my head even it was a few hours ago I met her at YMP’s Open Circle in PJ. A great discussion we had with around 50 lovely sisters and the title for the open circle was Falling in love again with Islam.

When I first know about the OC (open circle), I quickly RSVPed to YMP’s secretary to confirm my seat as I don’t want to miss the opportunity to attend the event. Before I could ask anyone to join me, the registration is closed. Macam goreng pisang panas! So I went there by myself.

Since there’ll be a potluck teatime after the OC, I decided to bring some cute polka dot apam to share with the rest of the sisters. It was raining heavily with thunders and storms, but for this ‘majlis ilmu’, I tried my very best to go through the hassles and difficulties. Alhamdulillah, I reached the place safely.

Wardina was a bit late as she met with an accident on her way there. Cobaan… But she still managed to reach the house and greeted everyone one by one (bersalaman). When she salam with me, she was like,”Eh, it’s you!”

I just smiled and said,”Yes, we met before.” Yeah, this is my 3rd time meeting her and it’s good that she has good memory!

Okay, enough with the introduction, let’s focus on the points that we discussed in the OC:


  1. Wardina reminded us to always bring the small Quran with tafsir and put in our handbags. According to her – read the Quran and its meaning, insyaAllah you’ll find peace. She loves to read surah Furqaan and a few more surahs. She said that she started bringing the Quran in her handbag first without reading it. Then, the willing came later to read and understand it.
  2. Being Muslim is not just about solat, sadaqah, and fasting. Islam creates bigger meaning in life. For example, take away food in polystyrene containers (for tapau) is not that Islamic. It’s totally dangerous to our lives to eat from the container and put a non-recyclable item to waste. We should bring our ‘tupperware’ when we take away food.
  3. What other people think of you is not what you should think about the most because somehow this perception and your feelings to prove to them, will eat you. The more you think that you need to show you’re good, the more you want people to notice you and the more you want to be credited for all your work – this feelings will haunt you and demoralised you. Just be honest in what you do. There will be time when people acknowledge you when you lease noticed. Allah knows what had happened, what is happening and what will happen. So, leave it to Him. You’ll grant your rewards sooner or later.
  4. One of the main topic of the discussion was on hijab. Everyone started to give their opinions about hijab and how they started to wear it. To my surprise, they were so many girls who just started donning the hijab just like me! MasyaAllah, I feel so blessed! Some girls went on about why they were afraid to wear it before. Some mentioned that they were afraid of how people think about them later. Personally, I was thinking about donning the hijab years ago. But I kept telling myself that I’m not ready for it and I’ll wear it after I got married. Reason being, I want to wear beautiful dresses and do nice hair on my wedding day!!! Hahaha, how ridiculous right?! But as time passed by, I know that I can still be beautiful on my wedding with the hijab. But now I’m very happy with my decision to wear hijab even I haven’t tie the knot yet. It’s the feeling of freedom!
  5. Do a lot of self – reflection, seek knowledge, find our own goal in life and always remember that we are just actors on the stage. And the stage is actually the world we are living in. Remember that this world is temporary and the hereafter is forever. Become more pro-active to seek knowledge and do share knowledge with others.
  6. Get yourself surrounded with good people. People who will always want to improve themselves and who don’t judge you. Well, as a start, why not join Young Muslim Project (YMP)?! There’s talks, open circles and events that we can join.
  7. Forget about your past and repent. Seek for Allah forgiveness. He’s the Most Merciful and Most Gracious. Do your sujud and do not repeat your mistakes. We are as human being, could never run away from making mistakes in our lives. Moving on and build a new life is what we can do to be a better person.

There were so many other things that I would like to share with you about our open circle but I don’t think I can write everything here. In fact, some of us – including me, did shed tears when Wardina talked about her past and how all of us can’t forgive ourselves with the mistakes we did.


Above all, let’s try to search for reasons why we are here in this world. And do share your thoughts about Islam. Sharing is caring! 🙂


Wardina’s note about her daughter & prayer

Dear Mama, Ummi, Mum,  Ibu, Bonda…

I have to share this with you… because i feel so happy and i feel that all my penat lelah paid off…

I started to make my Amna to solat 5 times a day when she was 7, on her 7th birthday…we had a talk…(check note lama) tapi preparation since 6 la…tapi dari kecik memang selalu ikut2 la kami solat….she hasnt missed her solat since. Walaupun lambat, tetap solat. I made sure of that – because the key is SOLAT ni kalau tak tanam dari kecik memang LIAT nanti….But it is very important to keep this in mind:-

1) kalau kita bagi dia tinggal WALAUPUN sekali nanti we are sending the wrong signal – kena make sure – every waktu without fail, walaupun penat, ataupun lambat

2)l Selalu kalau boleh solat together..mula2 memang kena solat together….kalau tak ada rumah make sure an adult in the house pastikan anak kita solat. (hari tu Amna pergi her reading class, i asked her teacher to take her to the surau)

3)Selalu cerita how IMPORTANT it is to Allah is watching us… how we are good Muslims when we solat, how Allah loves us, Solat tu, untuk kita, bukan untuk Allah…..TAPI selalu jugak cerita yang akan ada orang TAK solat…acknowledge the fact that sometimes we feel lazy to solat….itu semua kerja SETAN! Fight them off….! I tell Amna that even some grown ups tak solat! I tell Amna that….we have to be strong.. we have to tell ourselves we will NEVER miss our solat…..

4)Awal2 subuh ni memang tak bangunkan, tapi as soon as dia bangun pagi, ill ask her to solat straight away.(yes memang leceh..but we have to, and we have to do it with LOVE diselang seli dgn strictness)

5)kalau dia tinggal –  DENGAN sengaja, i take the rotan and hit her on her tapak tangan slowly, just as a reminder. After that i hug her and tell her i love her, and i just want her to remember – and guess what?? memang dia ingat!!! (3 kali baru, i think not bad, sampai satu hari dia terlambat solat, sebab keluar dan memang tak ingat, dia yang suruh rotan) But i tell her kalau TERLUPA atau TERTIDUR its ok…but kena solat terus bila bangun.

Macam ni ceritanya, i told Amna, kalau Ummi ambik Amna dari sekolah lambat, Amna solat dulu Asar kat sekolah….tadi memang datang lambat…i was loking for her..and guess what????

She was actually praying her Asar prayers…i wanted to pengsan and cry…she did all by herself…. i pun told her how happy and how proud i was of her…i tanya dia kenapa? dia kata “Amna ingat apa Ummi cakap”…..cair nya hatiku ini.

Apa lagi, Ummi ni peluk cium dia….and called nenek at Australia…now im sharing with all of you!!! Because i want us to raise generation of good Muslims that are disciplined, smart, intelligent -that remembers Allah because  the world so BADLY needs good QUALITY Muslims like this!!!

And the foundation is – to start them off right – solat at SEVEN! Yes just as how Rasulullah asked us!

I love you all!!! Good night…..


** i took that picture of Amna praying from my table, dia sendiri bangun solat Isyak…without even bothering me..berbunga hati seorang ibu….