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We’re nearly come to half month of Ramadan and this happened so quickly, I thought it was just yesterday we started the first day fasting. Subhanallah…

They are many new things I encountered and learned in this month. But a good lesson came from a story told by my ustazah about a Muslim woman who passed away a few days ago. She battled with cancer for many years, but she was very determined and positive even she was bedridden in her last few months of her life. According to ustazah, she wanted to learn tajweed and took class from her hospital bed. But the one thing that I truly admired is her determination to keep giving dakwah to others even though she was paralysed. And she did this through her mobile phone. MashaAllah…

I do remember her story when Shaykh Omar Suleiman posted about her in his Facebook a few months ago. He visited her at the hospital and eventually asked everyone to make du’a for the lady. A nicely written post about the sister is available here.

I kept thinking to myself, others are constantly doing good and keep giving back to the communities even they are not healthy and capable to move. Yet, we are still living in sins, talking bad about others and reading gossips. We need to wake up!

A wise words from ustazah,

“Do good for as long as you can. Don’t leave it for tomorrow.” 


Ramadan activities

Ramadan is coming over too greet us tomorrow inshaAllah. A month full of blessings and we’ve been waiting for it to come for a year. Each year, I will plan some goals and good deeds that I want to do, including intend to get rid of the bad habits (may Allah permits).

A friend of mine determines to finish the whole Quran this Ramadan, so she made a timetable specially for this routine. I guess it is a smart move to plan your activities in Ramadan so that you can make the best out of it too.

I wanted to plan for iftar and suhoor cooking recipes too! I know, some of you might think that we shouldn’t concentrate of what food to eat in Ramadan as this Holy Month is not all about FOOD. But as a wife, I’m responsible to ensure my family is eating good food and assure that we will not put any food to waste. Thus, a good meal plan is necessary for my family so that I will not waste too much time in the kitchen. Something easy to make and deliberately healthy are my key points in choosing what to cook for the family.

Even as a homemaker, I prefer to list down my itinerary for a day in Ramadan so that my day is filled with beneficial activities and put away the useless and unnecessary ones. Do you have any goals to achieve this Ramadan? Do you plan your activities? Let’s share the tips and activities so we can encourage each other to do good in this 30 days!!

Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadhan is leaving

In about 3 more days, Ramadhan will leave us. Tak tau la nak express feeling macam mana. Since last week, I became more sensitive and always wanted to cry. Tengok video yang sedih or kadang-kadang being alone pun tiba-tiba nak nangis. I dunno why.

But Sis Hafsah (owner of Nadi Annissa) told me about her story, few years back, she felt the same way in the last 10 days of Ramadhan. She then consulted her ustaz about it. Her ustaz told her that it’s the feeling of sadness because Ramadhan is leaving soon. You’ll never know this feeling truly exist.  MashaAllah. Allah is so great!

I’ve never felt like this before in my past Ramadhan. Maybe it was because I was not so attached to the Holy Month (last time).  The presence of Ramadhan this year was something I look forward for so long. I can’t describe the feeling.

I realized that I have the feeling of not looking forward towards Ramadhan buffet or anything like it (although I have to attend my company’s buka puasa event and my close friends’ invitation). Compared to previous years, I was the one who eagerly surf the internet for any recommended buka puasa’s place or buffet that offered good prices.  But this year, my stomach told me to be nicer and tak ikut hawa nafsu sangat. Alhamdulillah…

Dulu, memang excited giler nak sambut Aidilfitri. But this year, I managed to divert my excitement towards the last 10 days of Ramadhan. Bila dah mcm ni baru terasa sangat Ramadhan is leaving. Sedih. Ikhlas, saya sedih. Ya Allah, I’m grateful for this feeling.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda maksudnya: Berapa banyak orang yang berpuasa tetapi dia tidak mendapat apa-apa dari puasanya kecuali hanya lapar dan dahaga. [Riwayat Ibnu Majah]

Let us not be among those people who earn nothing but hunger and thirst.

Second phase of Ramadhan

Mood nak tulis dalam bahasa rojak. Yup, bukan bahasa Melayu, bukan bahasa Inggeris, tapi campur – campur.

Assalamualaikum to all! How’s your Ramadhan? Ni dah masuk second phase of Ramadhan, lebih kurang 2 minggu dah kita berpuasa. Are you guys still thinking about food, food and food? By now, I hope we have passed all that and start focusing on ibadah more.

Bangun sahur tak? And if yes, u guys tidur balik? Or terus mandi, solat di awal waktu, then continue with reciting the Quran for at least half juzuk. Yup, you do have time for that you know. It’s better not to go back to sleep. NOT GOOOOD! If rasa nak tido jugak, suggest that you sleep before Zohor or after Zohor. At least, in the morning tu sempat buat kerja-kerja rumah and then buat solat Dhuha.

And to those who are working, you can go to work after you’ve done reciting a few pages of the Quran. While at work, take a 10 minutes break. Go down to the prayer room for solat sunat Dhuha. Bukannya lama pun. Dua rakaat je. 😀 Kalau boleh, elakkan dari tidur waktu lunch tu. Ramadhan ni sebulan je, don’t waste it okay! Nanti rugi sangat. Go and recite the Quran. Tadi pagi dah half juzuk, continue another half juzuk during lunch time. InshaAllah, dapat dah satu juzuk satu hari.

I’m sure your tarawih is fantastic! Keep it up till the end. Jangan lupakan tarawih bila dah dekat-dekat nak raya tu. It’s the last 10 nights of Ramadhan! Don’t you want to achieve the Laylatul Qadar?

Eventhough it’s only 13 days of Ramadhan, I’ve been tested by Allah in so many ways. But Alhamdulillah, with the on-going prayers and doas, everything went smoothly. Never underestimate the power of doa! Banyakkan berdoa di bulan mulia ni tau. InshaAllah, makbul.

See you guys in next entry!



Welcome Ramadhan




Jour après jour , un monde d’amour des océans , soyez la bienvenue

Meilleur des mois , bienvenue bonheur et joie

Notre mois saint , bonheur et bien





we welcome you month we all adore

we pray for happiness and more

to all the people open up your door

welcome holy month Ramadan






احلى القوافي والنشيد في مقدم الشهر السعي


النور في الدنيا يزيد والرب تواب شكور


رمضان رمضان



Ramadhan Kareem everyone! Let’s focus towards our ibadaah in this Holy month. I’m not planning to be on hiatus for the whole month, perhaps there’ll be some posts to be shared (I hope). Wish that we’ll turn out to be a better person after Ramadhan, InshaAllah.




Ramadhan is coming! Aren’t you all excited yet?
Have you make your Ramadhan list already? What do you want to improve, what do you want to add – in the sense of ibadah, what are the things you want to leave behind – in the sense of bad behavior?
I have a list to fulfill and I’ve started doing things which kinda unusual from my daily routines. Oh, it was not so bad, you know. Truth is, I guess these routines can be good for me in the long run. Hope they are to stay forever.
I found this blog that shared about her Ramadhan checklist. Amazing!
And I remember that I read somewhere about buying your buddies gifts to welcome Ramadhan. Herm, that’s a good idea too isn’t?

How about you? Anything you feel like doing this Ramadhan?