TMEAG Course Demonstration

I’ve been in the class for almost 3 weeks already and Alhamdulillah it is the most educational and interesting Tajweed class I’ve ever attended. My classmates are from various backgrounds and countries, but we have no excuse to learn in one virtual class. Tajweed Made Easy program is suitable for all as the method is easy to understand. My goal is to recite the Quran as perfect as possible and perhaps in the future, I will be able to teach others especially my family. Shaykhah Wafaa once did say,”Each family must have a ‘black’.” Black here means the colour code given to the highest ranking group – just like the Taekwando, you want to get the black belt, isn’t it?

Ever wonder how an online class is being conducted? Try the Online Demonstration Class organised by Tajweed Made Easy Academy Global where it will help you to understand and experience the virtual class better. Book your slot asap!

TMEAG Course demonstration


A Sisters Ramadan

I’ve been living far away from Kuala Lumpur for the past one year and during that one year I didn’t managed to attend any Islamic conferences, talks or seminars in the main city due to the distance. I was a fan of these events, particularly which are organised by some local and international event organisers like Mercy Mission, Al-Maghrib, Nur A’la Nur Academy, iMuslim, Young Muslim Projects and many more.

But thanks to technology (clap clap internet!), there are conferences and talks which available online, live from the actual events! Alhamdulillah. There is absolutely no excuse for me to say no in joining the conferences as my internet connection is moderately acceptable here.

The next online Islamic conference which will be held soon is ‘A Sisters Ramadan’ by Charity Right on 20 June 2015. Looking at the title, I’m sure you can guess that the conference is merely for women only, thus I encourage all Muslim women to join this event (if situation permits for you). It will be at two different time zones, 1PM – 8 PM (GMT) – United Kingdom; and 1PM – 8PM (PDT) United States. So, you may choose which suitable time applicable you for. Remember, it will be Ramadan by then, thus choose your time wisely. Since I live in Malaysia, I prefer to sign up for United States session (it will be suhoor time, inshaAllah ).


Another good news! The conference is FREE!!! Please wait no more, it’s a good ladies conference all about things we can do in Ramadan especially in ibadah despite being a woman who has daily chores and responsibilities.

Speakers are Zohra Sarwari, Haleh Banani, Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury, Dr Bilal Philips, Sheikh Alaa El Sayed and Sheikh Sajid Ahmed Umar. An amazing line up, isn’t it? For registration, you may click here and do spread the news to your other girlfriends!

Let’s be mentally and physically prepared to welcome this Ramadan. Gain more knowledge and share it with others. By the way, if you know any other Islamic classes, seminars, talks and conferences, online or onsite, do share with me by commenting below. Would love to share with other knowledge lovers too!

Twins of Faith 2012 – For the Love of God

I need an imaan boost!!! Yeah, that’s the main reason why I’m planning to attend the Twins of Faith 2012 festival at PICC, Putrajaya, this 29 Dec 2012 & 30 Dec 2012. And you should do the same! Teeeheee…

I’ve attended Twins of Faith 2011 before and honestly, my perspective towards Islamic conferences has changed. The brothers and sisters who attended the event were tremendously awesome, speakers were superb, cool bazaar and informative workshops. I’ve no complaints at all.

Join the rest of the cool brothers and sisters and ME at the biggest Islamic Family Festival – Twins of Faith 2012! The tickets are available at RM200 (adult) and RM75 (children – age 6 to 12) and you can purchase them at below links:

Twins of Faith Official Website

[email them to ask for tickets]



This year the theme for the event is For the Love of God. Brilliant!

Programs that lined up for the event as below:

Talk by well known speakers

Artist Zone

Kids Play Zone

Marriage Corner [ehem ehem]

Sisters’ Corner [featuring the Scarflets]

Zone X [skateboarding, mini ramp, PS3, etc]


But if you have no one to go with to the event, fret not, you can always count on me. Hehehe… we can tag along and grab the knowledge at the event together. No worries, I don’t bite!

Let’s make our year ended with barakah and full with His blessing, InsyaAllah. So, what are you waiting for?