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We’re nearly come to half month of Ramadan and this happened so quickly, I thought it was just yesterday we started the first day fasting. Subhanallah…

They are many new things I encountered and learned in this month. But a good lesson came from a story told by my ustazah about a Muslim woman who passed away a few days ago. She battled with cancer for many years, but she was very determined and positive even she was bedridden in her last few months of her life. According to ustazah, she wanted to learn tajweed and took class from her hospital bed. But the one thing that I truly admired is her determination to keep giving dakwah to others even though she was paralysed. And she did this through her mobile phone. MashaAllah…

I do remember her story when Shaykh Omar Suleiman posted about her in his Facebook a few months ago. He visited her at the hospital and eventually asked everyone to make du’a for the lady. A nicely written post about the sister is available here.

I kept thinking to myself, others are constantly doing good and keep giving back to the communities even they are not healthy and capable to move. Yet, we are still living in sins, talking bad about others and reading gossips. We need to wake up!

A wise words from ustazah,

“Do good for as long as you can. Don’t leave it for tomorrow.” 


A year of changing

I don’t usually write about my all year round memories or the next year resolutions in my blog. But Alhamdulillah for being a homemaker, I initially have some few hours spare time today, thanks to the school holiday which allows me to have a break from my personal tutor classes.
There are so many things had happened for the past one year. From being single to being married, from a career woman to a homemaker, from hating teaching to begin to love teaching, from this much (—–) knowledge to this much (——–) knowledge. Haha… Yes, I LOVE the part when at least there’s some improvement on my beneficial knowledge.
2014 has seen me moving from a city to a bit rural place due to my new residence after marriage. It was a challenge at first but I totally love being away from the city and the ridiculous traffic. There’s nothing much to do here other than groceries shopping and sightseeing around the island *wink*. But my husband and I have the most valuable time here being with each other. Our ups and downs are merely shared with one another and Alhamdulillah for the humble place we have to be called home.
After getting married, I realized so many details that I need to take care of in being a Muslim woman and a wife. Things that I used to close eyes to or simply ignore are slowly adapting into my life. Whatever we do as a wife will definitely reflect the husband. The appearance, the communication towards opposite sex and the beneficial knowledge to be concurrently gained are important aspects for the changing.
Leaving 2014 in a few hours, I am looking forward for the new year of 2015. This is the year where I want to keep changing for the better, InshaAllah. There are list of changes that I want to make but of course I won’t share with the public, hehe. But it’s going to be a year where I want to focus more on my deen and gaining beneficial knowledge. I miss being in Islamic classes and seminars! Even though I am hundreds kilometers away from main cities of Malaysia, it will not stop me from accessing to the ilm. May Allah make it easy for me and you.
What about you? Anything you want to change or improve?

Personal tutor

Things have changed since I got married. I left my career previously in the big city to submit myself to the world of marriage in a remote island far away from families and friends. But Allah’s plans are the best. Despite being in the utmost rural place, I have nothing to kvetch when the reality is I’m just happy.

When I first came to the island with Mr. Hubs, we did discussed on what I can do to fulfil my spare time. From opening a business to being a volunteer at an Islamic centre, we have thoroughly considered all the options with the pros and cons.


Mr. Hubs gave me the free rein to choose whichever I want to do as long as it’s beneficial to me in terms of knowledge, time and the future. Wow, the future! He’s a prudent man, so he thinks what’s best for the family a lot. Honestly, I think he’s the salt of the earth! (grin)


One day, his colleague asked if I could be a personal tutor to his children. Living in a place like this, there are not many choices for the students to opt for tuition class outside the school. After a long thought, I’ve decided to give it a try. Ahhhh… I don’t think it’s going to be so hard, isn’t it? (double grin)


You know who was the most sceptical about the idea of being a personal tutor a.k.a TEACHER? Definitely it was my mom! She said I’m garang and I was very garang when I taught my brothers their homework when we were in school. Well, I guess teachers must have that quality too so that the students would once in awhile BEHAVE.


Many months have passed, and I’m having a whale of time educating the students here. Believe it or not, my number of students has increased and my so – called ‘spare time’ is definitely occupied. Moreover, I am tutoring a slow leaner student with the capability to understand things at the surface and at a very slow pace. It’s a challenge for me as it tests my patience in being a teacher. Truthfully, I’ve never thought that I would be a teacher one day. But yet again, Allah has planned this to be part of my journey in this world and I’m truly happy to experience it. I’ve learned so many good things from teaching and inshaAllah, may it be something I can apply in my future undertakings.


Anyone here is a teacher by all means?

The wedding

I thought about getting married a couple of years ago. Searching for the right candidate has never been easy. But I’ve never thought things will go differently in 2013.

When I finally met him.


Him in this post is none other than my husband. Yes, I’m married, alhamdulillah. It happened so fast but it’s the way I want it to be.


We were introduced by a married couple, then exchanged photo and biodata (these happened through the couple) and finally after istikharah, decided to perform taaruf ( the meeting).


During the 2 hours taaruf session, we were accompanied by a married couple and his married friend.We sat at the same table with the fellow chaperones, chit-chatting and trying to know each other. Alhamdulillah, the next day, we’ve decided to get married. Whoaaaa cepatnya!


Ramai yang tak sangka I will ended up getting married to somebody I don’t know (maksud kat sini mcm tak bercouple dulu). Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve prayed to Allah. I prayed that Allah not to put myself in relationship before marriage and make everything smooth and easy for me.


Alhamdulillah after both families agreed to the marriage idea, the solemnisation took place on 21 February 2014 in Penang. Sangat happy!!! 🙂


Getting married doesn’t mean you need to get to know the other person for years then only you want to marry him. Choose a partner based on his/her religion first, Allah always comes first, then the rest are meant for you to accept and adapt. InshaAllah He will take care of the marriage. Love comes naturally.


Thank you to everyone for your prayers and wishes. We are truly happy to finally become husband and wife.



“The planning of The Almighty is better for you than your own planning, and He could deprive you from what you ask to test your patience. So let Him see from you a determined patience and you will soon see from Him what will give you joy. And when you have cleaned the paths of answering [of supplication] from the stains of sin [i.e have repented] and were patient about what He has chosen for you, then everything that happens to you is better for you whether you were given or deprived of what you have requested.”
-Ibn Al-Jawzi
When I think back of my life and how everything took place, I couldn’t help but thank Allah for the hardships and sweet memories He had given to me to face. MashaAllah… Kadang – kadang ada masa kita berdoa dan berharap sesuatu dengan penuh harapan, tapi Dia tak bagi jugak. But in the end, He gave something else which is better for us.

My Hijrah – The journey of coming home

Everyone has their own story, journey of life i would say. Probably they are from bad to good or the other way around. But my journey was something that i never thought of walking. It was the journey of coming home.

For many years I tried to forget about him, the guy who was everything to me. He was my first love, my heart and soul, but things didn’t go our way. We ended the relationship after two years. I even moved to another state so that I won’t see him again. My heart never seemed to be at peace as day by day what I did was only occupied the time with fun and entertainment. I solat when I remember to solat and never occurred in mind to make solat as my first priority in daily life. That’s why I never found PEACE.

Till I realized that I have to go back to real roots of life – Islam – and living as a real Muslim. I started with keeping my solat 5 times a day. Then, in early 2010, I made up my mind to don the hijab. Alhamdulillah, the feeling was astonishing! I never thought dressing as Muslim woman would be very satisfying and comfortable. I would do this long ago if I knew how AWESOME the feeling could be!

It’s good to practice Islam. I began to recite the Quran mostly everyday till I feel ‘weird’ if I didn’t do it in a day. The Quran made an impact towards me in such a blissful way. It’s just like my ustaz said, the Quran is alive. The more you read it, the more it will affect you. MashaAllah… beautiful isn’t it? You should try it too!

But the most powerful thing was to do Salatul Layl – Night Prayer. I cried and cried to ask for Allah forgiveness and give me the strength to move on with my life. I kept doing it for many nights. I RECOMMEND this to all my fellow readers – wake up in the middle of the night (not for football match, okay) and start doing your 2 rakaat solat. It’s the best moment to talk to Allah.

Alhamdulillah – I’m able to move on now. Allah has showed me the way to happiness. The hidayah was a gift that I would not change with anything else. I pray to Allah that He won’t take back His guidance after He gave it to me.

I don’t regret about my past. Past is past. Lesson learnt. And now, I’m pretty sure Allah has reserved someone for me who I will love for the rest of my life. Thank you Allah.



Surah Al An’am Ayat 125



Islam inspires people.

And in order for us to live up to what we are telling the world, we have to be inspirations.

The most beloved Muslim in America is who? Who can guess?

Suhaib Webb? Nope.

Hamza Yusuf? Nope.

Raihan? Nope.

Who do you think he is?

Muhammad Ali.

Do you know why Muhammad Ali is the most beloved Muslim in America? 

Because he inspired America.


That was part of the talk by Imam Suhaib Webb called “Do you have ADD (Akhirah Deficit Disorder)?” It was held at KGPA organised by YMP.
Do you think we are practising what Islam is all about? I mean the way we live, the way we talk, the way we eat, the way we treat others? Are we really portraying a good role model like Prophet Muhammad S.A.W?


After the talk, I kept thinking about how good or bad I am living my life and journey in this world. Am I good enough till someone else can really look up to me as a role model, as someone inspiring?


A true Muslim has an iconic behaviour where everyone else will look up to him and want to be just like him. It was shown by our beloved prophet, Muhammad S.A.W. He was so generous, so down to earth, so kind, so smart, so humble, and all the so – nice – things he was. Even the enemies respected him and converted to Islam after knowing him.

But most of us are satisfied of what we are now. Are we trying to improve ourselves to be as good as Prophet Muhammad S.A.W?


Are we really trying???


We can just say it with words, or even write nice things on twitter or facebook or in blogs, but do we really trying to improve ourselves in becoming better Muslims?
But what Imam Suhaib did mentioned in his talk was to take baby steps. Yes, baby steps!


You see how a baby makes his first attempt to walk – he moves so slowly- even with the help of his mother. He tries very slowly till one day he can walk, then he can run.
It’s the same thing that we should do. We must try to take baby steps in learning, in seeking knowledge, in improving ourselves, in changing the goals in life – and at last, inspire others- in making people to change because of what we are doing.
It doesn’t mean that you have to be an Imam or Ustaz or Ustazah or any Islamic leaders to inspire others. It can be any of us. It can be you – yes, you!
Just look at what we do every day, the way we speak to others, even to non – muslims, the politeness, the words we use, the humbleness – somehow it can melt anyone in anger.
Okay, guys, I think we should muhasabah diri from now on.


Are we living for popularity and for all the compliments from others for our beautiful clothes and latest fashion and style? Are we living for good money and high ranks and status?
Or are we living for the akhirah– the hereafter?

The Cove

Astagfirullahalazim….that is the word came out from my mouth after watching the BEST DOCUMENTARY at Academy Awards 2010 – THE COVE. Since I know The Cove won the Oscar, I was so excited to get the movie asap. And finally, I watched it… with a sad feeling & sympathy for dolphins. Yup, dolphins! The creature who looks like it is smiling all the time. But deep down inside, it is not!


Watching the dolphins get slaughtered cruelly by the fishermen in Taiji, Japan, made me feel SICK!!! They have no feelings towards these beautiful creatures. Dolphins are not to be served as food! Same goes to whales. The thing is, in Taiji (the world biggest exporter of dolphins), this unforgivable action is kept out of others knowledge.


They captured the dolphins and slaughtered them alive at the cove in Taiji. The water turns red…very sad. It’s like genocide. Just imagine if this happens to human. The 1 hour 30 mins documentary is one of the best documentaries I’ve watched. It’s started on how the activists tried to film the slaughtering, being followed by the local police, secretly putting the cameras at the cove to film the dolphins & till they finally revealed the truth to the higher authority. It’s a high risk they took to come to this. These activists are absolute heroes!


After watching it, I decided to do something about it. So I browsed to TAKEPART.COM/THE COVE (as written at the end of the documentary). There are 5 things to do if we want to help:


1. Write to our leaders and help the word out in Japan (I joined this…you should too!)

2. Learn more about dolphins in captivity ( dolphins are actually a free animal, we shouldn’t capture it for our entertainment)

3. Calculate your mercury exposure (if you eat too many fish, you MUST calculate your mercury level)

4. Help save Japan dolphin’s efforts on the frontlines

5. Support the filmmakers with your donations


So it’s time to show your concern. For a start, spread the news!!! Tell everyone you know about this & let us save dolphins!!!


Till then, ciao.


P/S: If you want the full movie, let me know.