Usrah group

Alhamdulillah, I’m starting the new year with so much hope on increasing my imaan. And one of my next missions is to join any usrah group or creating one.

Do you know what is usrah?
It’s a group of Muslimin or Muslimat who gather to share knowledge about Islam. In usrah, there should be a naqib or naqibah to lead the group. I was naïve about this at first, but I don’t want to be left behind anymore. Hence, this year, searching for usrah group is something that’s in my head all the time.

I wanted to start an usrah group (my own Bulatan Gumbira) but I never been to one before. Plus, I can’t find a naqibah just yet. So for a start, I emailed to Kak Farwina from We Are Beautiful, Allah Loves us. Kak Farwina is arranging some usrah group within Klang Valley, so we can register to her and enroll ourselves in. You can email her here. (I’m still waiting for her updates on the usrah group, will let you guys know about it soon – oh, i didn’t realised she replied to me already. There’s so many groups to join! write to her okay!)
I’m so happy that I met new friends who influenced me to be good and very happy to know that my old friends are keen to learn about Islam too. May Allah opens your heart to increase the deens. Let’s strive to be a better Muslim, shall we?!

Fellow readers, if you want to seek for knowledge, work hard for it, find out more on how to get the knowledge. Pray to Allah to ease your mission to improve yourselves and inshaAllah He will grant your du’a.
P/S: If any of you know any usrah group and would like to share with me and the rest, please let us know okay. Love you J