What you should do when you have nightmares

A couple of nights ago, I woke up to a nightmare that I have not encountered for quite a long time. I realised I was sleeping very still on my left ribs. All my body was quite numb. At that moment, I quickly grabbed my small du’a book to look for what to do. Yes, I’ve never thought I would face this situation in a sudden, so I was not prepared (even I have read about it before).

After reading the du’a, I spitted 3 times to the left and seek refuge in Allah from the devil. Then, I changed my position, sleeping on my right ribs.

A few days later, I came across a video shared by a friend in Facebook about sleeping position which can caused nightmares. It was brilliantly showed that the research these Westerners made proven what have been told by our Prophet Muhammad (sallalahualaihiwassalam) more than a thousand years ago.

There are four steps you have to do when you have a nightmare:

  1. Spit 3 times to your left. (Hadith Muslim). Just pretend spitting, without spitting actual saliva.
  2. Seek refuge in Allah from the devil and from the evil you have seen – 3 times. (Hadith Muslim)
  3. Do not tell anyone about your dream. (Hadith Muslim)
  4. Change your position to the other side. (Hadith Muslim)

However, that night, I supplicated this du’a too:


It’s very important for every Muslims to prepare themselves to sleep in following the sunnah way to prevent from any evil or disturbance during our sleeps. I have not been practising the adhkar before sleeps for many months, I think I should get back to it soon. Remember, our sleeps are considered equal to death, maybe small death. May Allah protect us all.


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