TMEAG Course Demonstration

I’ve been in the class for almost 3 weeks already and Alhamdulillah it is the most educational and interesting Tajweed class I’ve ever attended. My classmates are from various backgrounds and countries, but we have no excuse to learn in one virtual class. Tajweed Made Easy program is suitable for all as the method is easy to understand. My goal is to recite the Quran as perfect as possible and perhaps in the future, I will be able to teach others especially my family. Shaykhah Wafaa once did say,”Each family must have a ‘black’.” Black here means the colour code given to the highest ranking group – just like the Taekwando, you want to get the black belt, isn’t it?

Ever wonder how an online class is being conducted? Try the Online Demonstration Class organised by Tajweed Made Easy Academy Global where it will help you to understand and experience the virtual class better. Book your slot asap!

TMEAG Course demonstration


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