I cook lunch and dinner mostly every day. Husband prefers to eat at home but occasionally, he ask me out for a date. Just like last night, once he came back with a stress look on his face and the phone was non stop flooding with messages and calls, he told me to get ready after dinner (we had to eat at home first cause I’ve cooked dinner) and went out for a drink at my favourite bakery, The Loaf.

Having ice chocolate overlooking the beautiful bay, it was a jovial evening chit-chatting with husband about my trials and goals in teaching. Even though the conversation was pretty serious and deep, I know one of the reasons was to distract his mind from wandering into his never-ending work issues.

Back to the matter of teaching. It was quite hard for me to adapt to teaching at first, knowing I have no teaching background whatsoever. But as a year passed by, I began to fall for this job. One thing I’m sure most of the teachers might agree with me is that whenever you teach something, you actually learn something. That’s the fun part! Learning!!!

Many times, when students question me about something, I will try to look for the answers eagerly. There was once, when a student asked about Pluto (it was part of the solar system back then when I learned about it in primary years ago) cause it was not in the school text book anymore, both of us joyfully explored the internet to quest for more information about the small planet.

The more I teach, the more I feel that I need to learn as much as I can. It’s an endless process which I now feel immensely attached to it. And I think one of the good ways to share knowledge is too have a good circle of friends who share the same profession too. Anyone here is a teacher?


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