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butterfly in hand

We’re nearly come to half month of Ramadan and this happened so quickly, I thought it was just yesterday we started the first day fasting. Subhanallah…

They are many new things I encountered and learned in this month. But a good lesson came from a story told by my ustazah about a Muslim woman who passed away a few days ago. She battled with cancer for many years, but she was very determined and positive even she was bedridden in her last few months of her life. According to ustazah, she wanted to learn tajweed and took class from her hospital bed. But the one thing that I truly admired is her determination to keep giving dakwah to others even though she was paralysed. And she did this through her mobile phone. MashaAllah…

I do remember her story when Shaykh Omar Suleiman posted about her in his Facebook a few months ago. He visited her at the hospital and eventually asked everyone to make du’a for the lady. A nicely written post about the sister is available here.

I kept thinking to myself, others are constantly doing good and keep giving back to the communities even they are not healthy and capable to move. Yet, we are still living in sins, talking bad about others and reading gossips. We need to wake up!

A wise words from ustazah,

“Do good for as long as you can. Don’t leave it for tomorrow.” 


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