Mujawwad and Murattal?

Ramadan came again this year. Alhamdulillah. I’m very pleased to enjoy this Ramadan with embracing the Quran in depth by joining Tajweed Made Easy’s Ramadan Class – Colorful Ramadan. I’ve been eyeing on TME (Tajweed Made Easy)’s class for so long! Just couldn’t find a suitable slot to join yet, but alhamdulillah, Allah made it easy for me to enroll in Colorful Ramadan class which started the first day of Ramadan.

I’ve learned many new things especially on tajweed. MashaAllah, the more I learn about Quran, the more interesting it is to me, I can’t help to look forward for the class every day.

But one thing I learned from Shekhah the other day was about reading in Mujawwad style. Do you know what it Mujawwad?

Mujawwad is an adjective which comes from the noun tajweed which means pronouncing the words and letters of the Quran correctly and according to the classic Arabic. Mujawwad is a melodic style of Qur’an recitation which is known throughout the Muslim world. (Wikipedia)

Example of reciters who read in this style is Al-Minshawi and Abdul Baset. MashaAllah, I don’t even know about these reciters as I was exposed to murattal reciters such as Shaykh Sudais and Minshari Rashid.

I’m sure some of you are a little bit confused with Mujawwad and Murattal. Do check out this video for better explanation about these styles.

Hope we can understand more about the recitations of the Quran and learn about the meaning wholeheartedly. InshaAllah… By the way, who’s your favourite reciter? Mine is as below! 🙂


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