Ramadan activities

Ramadan is coming over too greet us tomorrow inshaAllah. A month full of blessings and we’ve been waiting for it to come for a year. Each year, I will plan some goals and good deeds that I want to do, including intend to get rid of the bad habits (may Allah permits).

A friend of mine determines to finish the whole Quran this Ramadan, so she made a timetable specially for this routine. I guess it is a smart move to plan your activities in Ramadan so that you can make the best out of it too.

I wanted to plan for iftar and suhoor cooking recipes too! I know, some of you might think that we shouldn’t concentrate of what food to eat in Ramadan as this Holy Month is not all about FOOD. But as a wife, I’m responsible to ensure my family is eating good food and assure that we will not put any food to waste. Thus, a good meal plan is necessary for my family so that I will not waste too much time in the kitchen. Something easy to make and deliberately healthy are my key points in choosing what to cook for the family.

Even as a homemaker, I prefer to list down my itinerary for a day in Ramadan so that my day is filled with beneficial activities and put away the useless and unnecessary ones. Do you have any goals to achieve this Ramadan? Do you plan your activities? Let’s share the tips and activities so we can encourage each other to do good in this 30 days!!

Ramadan Kareem!


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