A year of changing

I don’t usually write about my all year round memories or the next year resolutions in my blog. But Alhamdulillah for being a homemaker, I initially have some few hours spare time today, thanks to the school holiday which allows me to have a break from my personal tutor classes.
There are so many things had happened for the past one year. From being single to being married, from a career woman to a homemaker, from hating teaching to begin to love teaching, from this much (—–) knowledge to this much (——–) knowledge. Haha… Yes, I LOVE the part when at least there’s some improvement on my beneficial knowledge.
2014 has seen me moving from a city to a bit rural place due to my new residence after marriage. It was a challenge at first but I totally love being away from the city and the ridiculous traffic. There’s nothing much to do here other than groceries shopping and sightseeing around the island *wink*. But my husband and I have the most valuable time here being with each other. Our ups and downs are merely shared with one another and Alhamdulillah for the humble place we have to be called home.
After getting married, I realized so many details that I need to take care of in being a Muslim woman and a wife. Things that I used to close eyes to or simply ignore are slowly adapting into my life. Whatever we do as a wife will definitely reflect the husband. The appearance, the communication towards opposite sex and the beneficial knowledge to be concurrently gained are important aspects for the changing.
Leaving 2014 in a few hours, I am looking forward for the new year of 2015. This is the year where I want to keep changing for the better, InshaAllah. There are list of changes that I want to make but of course I won’t share with the public, hehe. But it’s going to be a year where I want to focus more on my deen and gaining beneficial knowledge. I miss being in Islamic classes and seminars! Even though I am hundreds kilometers away from main cities of Malaysia, it will not stop me from accessing to the ilm. May Allah make it easy for me and you.
What about you? Anything you want to change or improve?


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