The wedding

I thought about getting married a couple of years ago. Searching for the right candidate has never been easy. But I’ve never thought things will go differently in 2013.

When I finally met him.


Him in this post is none other than my husband. Yes, I’m married, alhamdulillah. It happened so fast but it’s the way I want it to be.


We were introduced by a married couple, then exchanged photo and biodata (these happened through the couple) and finally after istikharah, decided to perform taaruf ( the meeting).


During the 2 hours taaruf session, we were accompanied by a married couple and his married friend.We sat at the same table with the fellow chaperones, chit-chatting and trying to know each other. Alhamdulillah, the next day, we’ve decided to get married. Whoaaaa cepatnya!


Ramai yang tak sangka I will ended up getting married to somebody I don’t know (maksud kat sini mcm tak bercouple dulu). Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve prayed to Allah. I prayed that Allah not to put myself in relationship before marriage and make everything smooth and easy for me.


Alhamdulillah after both families agreed to the marriage idea, the solemnisation took place on 21 February 2014 in Penang. Sangat happy!!! 🙂


Getting married doesn’t mean you need to get to know the other person for years then only you want to marry him. Choose a partner based on his/her religion first, Allah always comes first, then the rest are meant for you to accept and adapt. InshaAllah He will take care of the marriage. Love comes naturally.


Thank you to everyone for your prayers and wishes. We are truly happy to finally become husband and wife.



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