I’m not sure what to share with the readers anymore. Not that I have no stories happening in my life, it’s just that I’ve became very cautious and reserved on my private life. But once in awhile I don’t mind sharing any knowledgeable events or activities which perhaps could do something good to you too.


Recently, I went back to the muslimah salon which I’ve wrote about it a year ago, Iris Spa & Salon in Shah Alam. Greeted nicely by Dila, the hairdresser, she automatically remembered me from the last visit.


Wahhhh….terer la daya peringatan dia (is there such word?)

What I meant was, she has good memory! Hehehe…


I got my hair cut. Just need to trim those frizzy hairs and let the new ones grow beautifully. Acehceh…

But I did ask Dila if they still have massage service just like they advertised before. Unfortunately, the service is no longer available, thus, I must find another suitable masseuse around Klang Valley.


Does anyone know where can I find a good muslimah spa with awesome masseuse?

Help me!!!


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