“The planning of The Almighty is better for you than your own planning, and He could deprive you from what you ask to test your patience. So let Him see from you a determined patience and you will soon see from Him what will give you joy. And when you have cleaned the paths of answering [of supplication] from the stains of sin [i.e have repented] and were patient about what He has chosen for you, then everything that happens to you is better for you whether you were given or deprived of what you have requested.”
-Ibn Al-Jawzi
When I think back of my life and how everything took place, I couldn’t help but thank Allah for the hardships and sweet memories He had given to me to face. MashaAllah… Kadang – kadang ada masa kita berdoa dan berharap sesuatu dengan penuh harapan, tapi Dia tak bagi jugak. But in the end, He gave something else which is better for us.

2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. dgurlinred says:

    dugaan create us to be a better One….

    never fall.. just walk on the path TAKDIR choose for us.. with full of redha…

    n when we reach the climate of the journey we will rewind the past with smile.. 🙂

    right?? … amin n alhamdullilah…


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