Stuck in the traffic?

What are the things you usually do when you are stuck in the traffic jam?


  1. Curse out loud on the situation when you are already late for Malay drama series on TV?

2. Sing along to Taylor Swift’s new song she wrote about her former boyfriend?

3.  Tweet about your frustration in hoping someone else who reads it will offer a plane to get you out of there?


Yeah yeah… Maybe some of the answers above are not relevant to you but maybe some of you will say yes too. However, why don’t you try something different which can benefited you.


Try memorising doa or surah of Al Quran.


The method is by writing down the doa on a piece of paper / card. Then, place in at the RPM meter on the dashboard. When your car is at complete stop at the traffic light, try to memorise part of the doa and keep repeating the ayat over and over again.

InshaAllah, you’ll get to recite new doa every day and at the same time, it’s good reward for you!

Good Luck!


Small hint: Memorise the ayat in a tune that is easy for you to remember.


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