I’ve been eyeing to get my hands on the mouse to click ‘buy’ buttons at quite a few months ago. Yet, every time the salary comes in, the money will go down the drain to something I’m not sure what I bought or spent for. Subhanallah…


But a good marketing will always catch the buyer’s eyes! had a 3-day-sale in conjunction with Maal Hijrah and I was overjoyed when I saw my targeted book ‘The Sealed Nectar’ was on SALE! This is awesome!



The before price was RM60 and suddenly price went down to RM48! I’ve waited no more and made my first attempt to buy from


And voila, I got the book sent to my doorsteps two days later! promotes quality Islamic products from seerah and biographies books, children books, marriage & family books, Sidr honey (which I’ve been aiming to get this soon!), DVDs on Islamic lectures and for children, prayer materials and Islamic canvas.


Do visit the website and start shopping!


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