Ramadhan is leaving

In about 3 more days, Ramadhan will leave us. Tak tau la nak express feeling macam mana. Since last week, I became more sensitive and always wanted to cry. Tengok video yang sedih or kadang-kadang being alone pun tiba-tiba nak nangis. I dunno why.

But Sis Hafsah (owner of Nadi Annissa) told me about her story, few years back, she felt the same way in the last 10 days of Ramadhan. She then consulted her ustaz about it. Her ustaz told her that it’s the feeling of sadness because Ramadhan is leaving soon. You’ll never know this feeling truly exist.  MashaAllah. Allah is so great!

I’ve never felt like this before in my past Ramadhan. Maybe it was because I was not so attached to the Holy Month (last time).  The presence of Ramadhan this year was something I look forward for so long. I can’t describe the feeling.

I realized that I have the feeling of not looking forward towards Ramadhan buffet or anything like it (although I have to attend my company’s buka puasa event and my close friends’ invitation). Compared to previous years, I was the one who eagerly surf the internet for any recommended buka puasa’s place or buffet that offered good prices.  But this year, my stomach told me to be nicer and tak ikut hawa nafsu sangat. Alhamdulillah…

Dulu, memang excited giler nak sambut Aidilfitri. But this year, I managed to divert my excitement towards the last 10 days of Ramadhan. Bila dah mcm ni baru terasa sangat Ramadhan is leaving. Sedih. Ikhlas, saya sedih. Ya Allah, I’m grateful for this feeling.

Rasulullah SAW bersabda maksudnya: Berapa banyak orang yang berpuasa tetapi dia tidak mendapat apa-apa dari puasanya kecuali hanya lapar dan dahaga. [Riwayat Ibnu Majah]

Let us not be among those people who earn nothing but hunger and thirst.


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