Second phase of Ramadhan

Mood nak tulis dalam bahasa rojak. Yup, bukan bahasa Melayu, bukan bahasa Inggeris, tapi campur – campur.

Assalamualaikum to all! How’s your Ramadhan? Ni dah masuk second phase of Ramadhan, lebih kurang 2 minggu dah kita berpuasa. Are you guys still thinking about food, food and food? By now, I hope we have passed all that and start focusing on ibadah more.

Bangun sahur tak? And if yes, u guys tidur balik? Or terus mandi, solat di awal waktu, then continue with reciting the Quran for at least half juzuk. Yup, you do have time for that you know. It’s better not to go back to sleep. NOT GOOOOD! If rasa nak tido jugak, suggest that you sleep before Zohor or after Zohor. At least, in the morning tu sempat buat kerja-kerja rumah and then buat solat Dhuha.

And to those who are working, you can go to work after you’ve done reciting a few pages of the Quran. While at work, take a 10 minutes break. Go down to the prayer room for solat sunat Dhuha. Bukannya lama pun. Dua rakaat je. 😀 Kalau boleh, elakkan dari tidur waktu lunch tu. Ramadhan ni sebulan je, don’t waste it okay! Nanti rugi sangat. Go and recite the Quran. Tadi pagi dah half juzuk, continue another half juzuk during lunch time. InshaAllah, dapat dah satu juzuk satu hari.

I’m sure your tarawih is fantastic! Keep it up till the end. Jangan lupakan tarawih bila dah dekat-dekat nak raya tu. It’s the last 10 nights of Ramadhan! Don’t you want to achieve the Laylatul Qadar?

Eventhough it’s only 13 days of Ramadhan, I’ve been tested by Allah in so many ways. But Alhamdulillah, with the on-going prayers and doas, everything went smoothly. Never underestimate the power of doa! Banyakkan berdoa di bulan mulia ni tau. InshaAllah, makbul.

See you guys in next entry!




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