Ramadhan is coming! Aren’t you all excited yet?
Have you make your Ramadhan list already? What do you want to improve, what do you want to add – in the sense of ibadah, what are the things you want to leave behind – in the sense of bad behavior?
I have a list to fulfill and I’ve started doing things which kinda unusual from my daily routines. Oh, it was not so bad, you know. Truth is, I guess these routines can be good for me in the long run. Hope they are to stay forever.
I found this blog that shared about her Ramadhan checklist. Amazing!
And I remember that I read somewhere about buying your buddies gifts to welcome Ramadhan. Herm, that’s a good idea too isn’t?

How about you? Anything you feel like doing this Ramadhan?

2 thoughts on “Pre-Ramadhan

  1. TwiggyLiyana says:

    yeahhh…i thought of getting dates for everyone and putting them into little packets for their drive home. some live rather far, and chances are might get stuck in traffic sampai time buka. sian.


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