Muslimah salon : Iris

I’ve been searching for a Muslimah salon for quite some time. Err… I think it has been 2 years since I last cut my hair. That’s insane, man!
I was about to ask my friend, Anis, to teman me to Damansara since I’ve found one interesting Muslimah salon there, when she told me about a new Muslimah salon she discovered in Shah Alam.
Haa, this is better coz it’s nearer to my place! Let’s do it. I was so excited!
The place is called Iris Salon & Spa.
It’s at No. 23-1, Jalan Kristal AS7/AS, Seksyen 7, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor.
No worries, just look at the map! The salon is quite near to UiTM Shah Alam campus and it’s a great attraction for students as there are special packages for them too.
You don’t have to worry about your aurat as Muslim women, once you enter the salon, you can just take off your hijab as no men is allowed to come in. Good isn’t it!
I find that the prices are reasonable too.
Wait no more. Head on to Iris Salon & Spa to be pampered right away!
Don’t forget to tell the staff you got the info from this blog, auw…

14 thoughts on “Muslimah salon : Iris

  1. Leonde Haven says:

    I am really thankful that you have shared this blog. Me and my friend have been looking for a muslimah and really can't find one. We're surely be visiting this place next week. Hope I could see you there and get a chance to thank you.


  2. purplelurve says:

    Leonde Haven: It's awesome when you opt for Muslimah salon too! Go and have fun there! The ladies are friendly, it was easy to get comfy there. Who knows, maybe I'll drop by some time..hehe 😀


  3. Anonymous says:

    i've been there too..
    staff sgt friendy and nice.
    service pun sangat2 far, i dah rebonding,ptg rmbut, perfect!
    then wat scrub..aha! sgt comfortable..ade satu lagi, i try massage..luckly, staff salon ni mmg terer sport massage..terbaikk..!rase cm xnak bangun, sbb best sgt! bagus tuk penat2 bsdan, stress..mmg berbaloi..
    paling penting selesa, sbb muslimah i bebas buka hijab disitu..:)
    i give 4 star for d services 🙂
    a must-go salon!! 🙂


  4. purplelurve says:

    Anonymous, wow! sgt positive review ni! tp the most important thing, muslimah comfortable nak potong rambut or do any treatment sbb this is only for muslim women kan.

    thanks for your comment!

    appreaciate next time kalau boleh mention ur name skali…:D


  5. Captain Jet says:

    derang pakai product ape untuk hair treatment? am thinking of doing scalp treatment there. actually i prefer kalau pakai l'oreal or kerastase tp kebanyakan hair salon walaupun provide private room, most of the stylists are non-muslim.


  6. Aishah Salun says:

    Salam, saya ada menyediakan perkhidmatan dandanan rambut, make up dan manicure & pedicure di rumah di kota damansara. Harganya, Children cut RM5. Wash, cut & blow RM 15. Henna/ Colouring RM30-RM88. Perming/ Rebonding RM88-RM128. Treatment RM38. Sesiapa yg berminat bolehlah call Zura 012-208 4048. Atau layari laman Terima kasih.


  7. siti zulaiha hasbullah says:

    Assalamualaikum, saya nak share. Klau nak buat manicure, Dura Muslimah ade buat halalmanicure, pedicure, hand spa, foot spa dan lain-lain. Call lah 03-5888 4104 kalau nak buat appoinment atau rujukan. Dura Muslimah ada dekat Jln Plumbum Q7/7 Seksyen7, Shah Alam.


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