A Moment to Remember

It was one of the memorable nights I had with my two lovely girls, plus I brought along my mom and aunt to join me at ‘A Moment to Remember with Wardina Safiyyah and Oki Setiana Dewi last week.
I’ve met Wardina and her kids at lift lobby before the event, she’s beautiful as always, yet humble and cool!
I never knew Oki’s story on her way back to Islam before. It was truly amazing how she was so determined to be an actress till she became popular in ‘Ketika Cinta Bertasbih’, an Indonesian Islamic film. Great person to look up to!
Meanwhile, Wardina was on stage to elaborate on a documentary video showing how Israelis can overcome their weaknesses and turned them all to a successful nation.
The film called Inside Israel hosted by former Harvard lecturer Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, examines the core character strengths that have enabled Israelis to overcome challenges and turn a barren desert into a flourishing nation.
We need to change our perception on taking things for granted. Let me know what you think of the videos.
Actualizer 1: Family
Actualizer 4: Education
Actualizer 5: Taking Action

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