A world without Islam?

I studied International Affairs in Uni years ago. Trust me, it was all about politics, power, international law, world crisis, etc. Sounds heavy, huh? Yeah, I think it requires someone with a hugeeeeeeeeeee brain and super knowledgeable on world issues kind of person. Well, NOT ME. I don’t have that HUGE brain. hahahaha…
Due to that, I’m doing nothing close to ‘international’ or politics job scope. Nah ah. But when I saw a review about a new book written by Graham E. Fuller titled “A World Without Islam”, it just got my attention quickly.
Maybe it’s because the word Islam. Somehow, the religion made a lot of impact on me lately. But the title really bugged me. A world without Islam??? Seriously? Hah, if that so, the world will never exist at all!
Oh by the way, I haven’t read the book yet. I’m not sure if want to. But a review says the author is a bit biased towards Islam, hence she didn’t like it. Whatever it is, I’m definitely supportive to whoever supports the religion. I’m a Muslim and I’m proud to be one. Muslims don’t support violence and wars. We are a peace community. Do read this article by a scholar that says Quran is a book of peace, not war.
There was a comment from a reader towards the review:

Nice discussions, i saw the book yesterday at Kinokuniya, Malaysia and was about the buy the book but instead, i googled the tittle to see what the review is like. I dont think i will buy the book now, but let me say this, there is no such thing as islamic terrorism. The two words cannot go together, its like saying a peaceful terrorist.

More people turn to Islam after 9/11. They were initially questions the teaching of Islam and bought themselves a Quran. Now about 24% of Muslims from US are converts (got the figure from youtube).

Come, let us reasonably discuss things so that we will not be one of the ignorance.

Salam. (Peace)

Posted by: Idrus

One thing that I guess every Muslim should do is living our lives by example. Be modest and create peaceful living. Then, there’ll be more books with the title “Islam is for every one”.

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