Love till Jannah

 I was thinking and thinking about what will happen to married couples. Are they really going to be together forever and ever? Just like we wish the newlyweds,“ May you be happy till the end of time” or “Semoga berbahagia hingga akhir hayat”.
Well, as I read one blog on this called Sebutir Kasih Sejuta Sayang, I realized that we must wish them to be happily together till Jannah. You know why? Cause, when you are married, it doesn’t mean you’ll be with your partner till Jannah (the forever after place for pious man), but only to those who deserved to be in it.
In fact, Rasulullah SAW said,” No one is single in heaven.” – narrated by Muslim.
Everyone will have their own partner in Jannah. A woman who’s lost their husband (died), will be together again with the husband as long as he’s going to Jannah. If not, she’ll get married to a good man in Jannah. Seriously?
It means, both man and wife should strive to be good Muslims to ensure that their love is eternity. That’s how Allah plans for us, His servants. And the promise is truly definite. No doubt!

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