New hangout place – Nadi Annissa

Do you have a place you hangout every weekend or every free time? Like a friend’s place or cool place in a coffee shop with a sofa like in the sitcom ‘Friends’.  Budak – budak kita panggil ‘pot’. Herm, not sure it’s the correct spelling but you know what I mean, right?
I always wanted to have this kinda place. When I was a teenager, I used to hang out at malls especially at cafés like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Gloria Jeans, Sega Fredo, etc. Actually, my friends and I met up there and just chit chatted all day long – killed the time. Hahaha but it was fun ok! I think we tried to imitate Joey and his friends (FRIENDS).
Recently, I discovered a new place to hang out. It’s called Nadi Annissa. The muslimah clubhouse is situated in Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya, and you can do lots of stuff there. It has swimming pool, gym, mini library (I went crazy when I saw the books!), dance room (for jazzercise), locker room, musollah, kitchen (if you want to cook), etc.
So far, there are few classes have started – jazzercise, Quran tutorial, Quran class, self- defense class and class for the beginners (reverts). But coming soon, there’ll be more classes to start, so check out the place from time to time or you can visit their Facebook official page.
When my friend Alia and I first stepped in to Nadi Annissa, we felt so welcomed! The house (bungalow lot) was huge and the ambience was marvelous. One thing I like about this place is that muslimah can take out their hijabs right after they enter the door. No problem to swim and do the exercise without hijab. Fuhhhhh….lega!
But one thing I cherished the most is that on the first day we went, there was the tazkirah session with the owner, Hajjah Hafsah. She’s still young but with lots of good stories and the stories she told made us fell in love with Islam all over again. From her pass life till now, her journey to come back to Islam was something I can’t forget. It’s good to meet someone who had discovered Islam in life again.
We joined the jazzercise class later that evening and I think it was a good workout session since I’ve not been doing any exercise for a long time. Me no stamina!!!! So, I WAS TIRED and helpless during the class. Aish!
I’m sure of going back there again this Saturday and every other Saturdays. So now I’ve found my ‘pot’ to hang out already! Join me people!!!! J

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