The Shepherd’s Path

I’m a Muslim and I know most of my readers are.

And in Islam, we have been told about so many Prophets before us from Adam a.s to Ibrahim a.s and finally Muhammad S.A.W.
We are told to love our Prophets especially Muhammad SAW as he is sent for all ummah including us. But do we really love him?
I attended a brief – kind of introduction – talk by Shaykh Abdulbary Yahya at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus last Friday just to get to know a little bit more about our beloved Prophet-Muhammad SAW.

Tell you the truth-I’m sooooo glad and thankful that I got the chance to be there. It’s actually a four days course and that night was an introduction session – so it’s free! But I just went for the introduction as my other days were occupied, sigh.
I learned so many things from the talk that I would like to share with you.

  1. Shaykh Abdulbary was telling a story of how Rasulullah SAW died and the rest of his companions including Umar Al Khattab, Abu Bakar As Siddiq and Uthman Bin Affan grieved his death. But while he was telling us the story, he cried in sadness. Then after the story telling, he said:

“We were just spoken about the death of our Prophet SAW, but very few of us here even shed a tear. Very few of us. Why? What’s the reason?”

I was speechless. I didn’t cry at all – and how can he know that?

“The reason is because we claim to love the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad SAW, but we don’t make the effort to learn about him. Because if we really knew who he was then we will be speaking about his death, Muhammad SAW, we would be speaking about the greatest calamity in our lives. If I stood here speaking about any one that we love very much, maybe about your parents or my parents, of how they treated us, how kind they were to us, all the time you had with him, what would happen? And maybe if I mention the last word that person, we definitely would have tears in our eyes.”

It’s sssssoooooooo true, isn’t it? I know that we need to love Allah and Rasulullah SAW but I don’t really know him that well till I can shed tears when I hear story about his death.

Okay, maybe I know a little about him when I learned about his biodata in primary school – about his mother, his father, grandfather, how he met his wife Khadijah R.A, how he received his first wahyu, bla bla bla. But other than that?

We need to make time to know and learn about him because we need to love him. It’s just like when you want to know someone, you’ll go around asking your friends who knew him, then maybe add him on facebook to stalk on him (I did that sometimes :P). We try hard to get to know him before we can fall in love with him, right?

It’s the same thing we need to do about Rasulullah SAW (despite the facebook thingy). Read the Quran more as there are so many things about him in there. Get a book about him – this is what I want to do next. Don’t go saying that we don’t have time for it. Because what are we actually saying is we don’t have time for that not important thing in our lives. We are just giving excuses and excuses – but Allah knows what’s in our hearts. He knows that we don’t care about it actually.

2. Rasulullah lived in a small room – even smaller than our bathroom. It’s so small until when he needs to sujud, he would tapped Saidatina Aishah R.A to crawl up so that he can sujud. This shows how small the room was. But we never be grateful with the house we’re living in.

3. Nabi Yusuf A.S was given half of the beauty – and the other half was given to the rest of the people in the world. More beautiful than Brad Pitt or Wentworth Miller or who ever else you want to mention in the world. But again we’re never enough with our looks. Shaykh said everytime you look in the mirror, praise Allah for making us beautiful as beautiful as our manners too.

4. We need to categorised all the important things that we learned or knew nicely in our minds following with the most important to the least important.  When you learn something (knowledge), put Islam as the top priority.

5. When you learn something, you need to convey the knowledge that you’ve learned to everyone you know. Okay, that’s one reason I’m writing this down for you to learn too 🙂

  1. Be sincere in everything you do. Even small things like pick up rubbish, give water to a thirsty dog, or smiling at strangers – be sincere. Allah knows whether you’re sincere or not – even in you’re good in pretending.

    That’s all what I’ve learned from the talk. InsyaAllah, we will share more knowledge in the near future.


Sebarkan ilmu walau dengan satu ayat.





4 thoughts on “The Shepherd’s Path

  1. Twiggy says:

    thanks for sharing 🙂 beautiful stuff on a lovely Sunday morning for me, masya Allah 😀

    have you ever been to Imam Suhaib Webb's talks? among my faves!

    just to let you know, I’ve moved my blog to 🙂 do drop by and leave your link? I’m in the process of rebuilding my list of blog-buddies 😀


  2. purplelurve says:

    Oh ya, I did go to Imam Suhaib Webb's talk the other day at KGPA but there's tooooo many ppl! Crazy!! But it was all worth it! Love it.

    Oooo u moved to wordpress! Alright, will follow u there..

    C u when I c u!!! 🙂


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