Islam inspires people.

And in order for us to live up to what we are telling the world, we have to be inspirations.

The most beloved Muslim in America is who? Who can guess?

Suhaib Webb? Nope.

Hamza Yusuf? Nope.

Raihan? Nope.

Who do you think he is?

Muhammad Ali.

Do you know why Muhammad Ali is the most beloved Muslim in America? 

Because he inspired America.


That was part of the talk by Imam Suhaib Webb called “Do you have ADD (Akhirah Deficit Disorder)?” It was held at KGPA organised by YMP.
Do you think we are practising what Islam is all about? I mean the way we live, the way we talk, the way we eat, the way we treat others? Are we really portraying a good role model like Prophet Muhammad S.A.W?


After the talk, I kept thinking about how good or bad I am living my life and journey in this world. Am I good enough till someone else can really look up to me as a role model, as someone inspiring?


A true Muslim has an iconic behaviour where everyone else will look up to him and want to be just like him. It was shown by our beloved prophet, Muhammad S.A.W. He was so generous, so down to earth, so kind, so smart, so humble, and all the so – nice – things he was. Even the enemies respected him and converted to Islam after knowing him.

But most of us are satisfied of what we are now. Are we trying to improve ourselves to be as good as Prophet Muhammad S.A.W?


Are we really trying???


We can just say it with words, or even write nice things on twitter or facebook or in blogs, but do we really trying to improve ourselves in becoming better Muslims?
But what Imam Suhaib did mentioned in his talk was to take baby steps. Yes, baby steps!


You see how a baby makes his first attempt to walk – he moves so slowly- even with the help of his mother. He tries very slowly till one day he can walk, then he can run.
It’s the same thing that we should do. We must try to take baby steps in learning, in seeking knowledge, in improving ourselves, in changing the goals in life – and at last, inspire others- in making people to change because of what we are doing.
It doesn’t mean that you have to be an Imam or Ustaz or Ustazah or any Islamic leaders to inspire others. It can be any of us. It can be you – yes, you!
Just look at what we do every day, the way we speak to others, even to non – muslims, the politeness, the words we use, the humbleness – somehow it can melt anyone in anger.
Okay, guys, I think we should muhasabah diri from now on.


Are we living for popularity and for all the compliments from others for our beautiful clothes and latest fashion and style? Are we living for good money and high ranks and status?
Or are we living for the akhirah– the hereafter?


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