The Cove

Astagfirullahalazim….that is the word came out from my mouth after watching the BEST DOCUMENTARY at Academy Awards 2010 – THE COVE. Since I know The Cove won the Oscar, I was so excited to get the movie asap. And finally, I watched it… with a sad feeling & sympathy for dolphins. Yup, dolphins! The creature who looks like it is smiling all the time. But deep down inside, it is not!


Watching the dolphins get slaughtered cruelly by the fishermen in Taiji, Japan, made me feel SICK!!! They have no feelings towards these beautiful creatures. Dolphins are not to be served as food! Same goes to whales. The thing is, in Taiji (the world biggest exporter of dolphins), this unforgivable action is kept out of others knowledge.


They captured the dolphins and slaughtered them alive at the cove in Taiji. The water turns red…very sad. It’s like genocide. Just imagine if this happens to human. The 1 hour 30 mins documentary is one of the best documentaries I’ve watched. It’s started on how the activists tried to film the slaughtering, being followed by the local police, secretly putting the cameras at the cove to film the dolphins & till they finally revealed the truth to the higher authority. It’s a high risk they took to come to this. These activists are absolute heroes!


After watching it, I decided to do something about it. So I browsed to TAKEPART.COM/THE COVE (as written at the end of the documentary). There are 5 things to do if we want to help:


1. Write to our leaders and help the word out in Japan (I joined this…you should too!)

2. Learn more about dolphins in captivity ( dolphins are actually a free animal, we shouldn’t capture it for our entertainment)

3. Calculate your mercury exposure (if you eat too many fish, you MUST calculate your mercury level)

4. Help save Japan dolphin’s efforts on the frontlines

5. Support the filmmakers with your donations


So it’s time to show your concern. For a start, spread the news!!! Tell everyone you know about this & let us save dolphins!!!


Till then, ciao.


P/S: If you want the full movie, let me know.


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